April 2, 2012

APRIL 20TH 2012 @ 10PM

Dutch Uncle Puppetry and After Hours @ TPM invite you to the second coming… of Gregori's Phantastik Big Time Show!  Gregori, our lovable Russian gravedigger, will again be hosting his late night variety show.  A raucous evening of music, comedy and mayhem featuring: singer songwriter Steven McKay, Clunk Puppet Lab, the Artichoke Heart Collective and of course, new work from Yours Truly, Dutch Uncle Puppetry.

Steven McKay "Steven is like a bowl of tomato soup and a straight up grilled cheese, a walk in the fall and a flannel shirt… he’s musical comfort food. He’s a Sunday morning and he’s every day. He’s Cat Stevens, He’s Abbey Road, he sings about his wife all the time, and his cheeks are not unlike apples. He’s a nice guy." - Summerworks Music Series


CLUNK Puppet Lab is a multidisciplinary company that creates original work through the exploration of highly visual theatre. Their experimental approach to collective collaboration strives to delve into the minute, intimate moments and connections of shared human experience, by integrating unconventional practices such as puppetry, physical theatre, and sculpture/installation. Co-artistic directors Shawna Reiter and Kyla Read formed CLUNK in 2009 while at the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Since then they have performed shows at Vertigo Theater in Calgary, AB; the Casteliers Festival International de Marionnettes in Montreal, QC; and will be featured at the Puppets UP! International Puppet Festival in Almonte, ON this coming August 2012.

Artichoke Heart Collective is an object theatre/puppetry company dedicated to creating visceral new works that explore our primal humanity. Founded by Humber Theatre graduates Michelle Urbano and Tijiki Morris, Artichoke Heart’s first production, We Walk Among You, was recently showcased at “Les Trois Jours de Casteliers” international puppetry festival in Montreal. Artichoke Heart is thrilled to take part in the Cahoots Playwrights’ HotHouse unit this year. Follow us on facebook/twitter for more info.

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